Strangers for Sale are a thrill seeking indie rock band, drenched in funk and groove. A couple of years into their band-life, they can be found roaming the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne looking for a career that will actually earn them money. Stay in school kids...

They formed in 2017 and have already released an EP that would make Jake Peralta say cool a bunch of times, packed out the launch show for it, gigged around with everyone and even got the crowd to clap once or twice.

Leigh is one half of the vocals and you'll also see him up front on the Rhythm Guitar dancing like Theresa May.


Kal the guitarist, doesn't know what a chorus or verse is but boy can he play a riff. He sings, but only in the shower.

Jj the drummer and Leigh's better half (of the vocals). Although there are plenty of rumours, no one knows his full name.

Danilo  Bassist and style icon of the band, his bass lines prove he's not just a pretty face.

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